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What the Shape of Your Logo Says About You

Last week we discussed the significance behind the colors in your logo. Click here if you missed it. This week we're talking about shapes. The shape of your logo also sends a message to your audience about your business.


The most popular logo shape is a circle. Aside from being versatile in design, circles give off a vibe of protection and security. The smoothness and lack of sharp edges make the design seem gentle and approachable. So it might be helpful for a corporate business to use a circle to counteract any intimidating feelings that may come with the nature of the business.


Sharp angles tend to represent power, professionalism, and intelligence. Squares and Rectangles have abrupt right angles, which give us a sense of structure, and stability. Squares specifically send a message that literally says "edgy" and obviously we're a fan of that.

Horizontal Lines

Lines are used pretty frequently in logo designs. And a sequence of lines sends a specific message depending on the direction of the lines. Horizontal lines can mean calmness, communication, and consistency. Tech companies will sometimes use these line patterns to give off the idea that everything is running smoothly.

Vertical Lines

On the other hand, lines patterns that are vertical represent dominance, strength, and progress. Businesses who want to empower their customers will often use vertical lines. This is why it's important to understand how much impact the orientation of shapes has on the message they send.

Abstract Shapes

Using abstract shapes to represent your businesses is a way to customize your brand. The uniqueness of the shape can be reflective of the uniqueness of your business. And having an original shape definitely helps your brand become identifiable and memorable.


Some logos will rely on using symbols that already carry a specific meaning such as hearts, crosses, trees, etc. These designs give a very direct message of what the business or organization is all about. This is commonly seen in brands for nonprofits or religious groups.

As you can see, there's a lot to think about when creating your logo. That's why 2nd Story wants to make sure your logo is telling your story accurately. So if you're ready to create a customized brand for your business, contact us. Let's take your logo to the next level!



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