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What We Can Learn From Super Bowl Ads

In case you haven’t noticed, the Super Bowl is quickly approaching. And whether or not you’re planning to watch the big game, you’ll probably be seeing some of the highlights soon after. And by “highlights” we mean the commercials. Over the years, Super Bowl ads have become almost as anticipated as the game itself. Advertisers pull out all the stops to grab the attention of the viewers. And there is a lot we can learn from the viewers’ response. 

Simplicity is Memorable

There are ads from years past that we can recite line for line. Why? Because they don’t say a lot. Just a straightforward reminder that this product exists and you should buy it. Examples of this are the "Mean" Joe Greene ad by Coca-Cola and of course the Budweiser Frogs. There’s no confusion over what’s being sold. That’s why we recommend keeping words to a minimum. 

Credibility comes from Familiarity

It’s becoming a trend to include well-known celebrities in Super Bowl ads. This is because we trust a familiar face. We’re more likely to listen to Chance the Rapper tell us about Doritos, or even Lindsay Lohan plug Planet Fitness. But if a superstar is not in the budget for your next ad, keep in mind familiarity can come from a place or a sound or the overall theme of your ad.


Trends are trending for a reason. They’re the topics everyone is talking about and searching for. And while we don’t recommend leaning into the trends for anything long-term, such as your business brand, when it comes to creating a short-lived campaign, go ahead and throw in some current references. So even though Hulu’s 2020 ad featuring Tom Brady is sooo four years ago, at the time it had everyone talking.

Everyone likes Nostalgia

Blasts from the past have been prominently featured in marketing in recent years, because as it turns out, they work. So that’s why in the last few years we’ve seen movies like Clueless and Edward Scissorhands show up in the mix. Think of your target audience. What decade and culture do they enjoy being brought back to? Tapping into childhood or teenage memories seems to be a sure way to get noticed.

A Tug at the Heart Strings Never Hurts

Some of the ads that always get talked about are those that play with out emotions. Sure, we’re screaming at a football game while ripping buffalo chicken off the bone, but when a dog and a Clydesdale horse bump noses, how can we not get a little misty-eyed? In today’s media there’s so much chaos and noise, we appreciate an opportunity to make us feel human again. 

The lessons we learn from these ads don't just apply to commercials running during the Super Bowl, but can be applied to anything from web ads to billboards to a page in a magazine. So if you're inspired to market your business using one of these techniques, contact us and lets work together to bring your business to the next level!



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