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Most Recognizable Logos - Part 3

For the past couple of weeks we've listed for you some of the world's most recognizable logos and given you a little history behind them. Today we'll discuss all the reasons these logos have become so easy for us to identify and what we can learn from them.


The first thing you might notice is how each of these designs is very simple with minimal detail. Most of the designs use flat color and basic shapes. We've talked a lot here about how simplified designs are more memorable, simply because there is less to remember.


Another quality these logos have in common is that they are conceptual, not literal. McDonald's doesn't show us a hamburger, Nike isn't a picture of a shoe, and what does an apple have to do with computers? Your logo doesn't need to tell us everything about your business. It's just a visual symbol to represent you.


As we've mentioned when discussing the history of these logos, they have remained consistent over time. Any changes have been minimal since they first appeared on the scene. It takes time for a brand to develop recognizability. This is why it's important to go ahead and invest in a strong logo at the start of your business.


One of the most obvious reasons we know these logo so well is that we see them everywhere! Almost everything these businesses produce shows the logo in a prominent way, whether it's on the packaging, the product, or all the marketing materials. The more we see it, the more we remember it.


These logo designs were created to last. They don't follow the design trends of the time. They are classic designs with longevity. There is a time and place for trends in graphic design, but a logo that's meant to last is not one of them.

When creating logo designs for new businesses we take all of this into consideration. At 2nd Story, our goal is for your logo to become as recognizable as those we've listed here. So if you're interested in new branding for your business, contact us. We'd love to take your logo to the next level!



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