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Tips for Lifestyle Photos

Last week we talked about why you should use lifestyle photos when marketing your business. Click here if you missed it. This week we'll tell you how to make them awesome! Here's 6 tips for planning your next lifestyle photoshoot.

Appeal to Your Audience Think from the perspective of your audience and what they are drawn to. Use "real life" situations, models, locations and props that your audience feels connected to and is attracted to.

Stay on Brand

Yes, we say this a lot...because it matters! Using the same lighting, colors, style, tone and filters throughout all your photography makes you recognizable and helps your audience know it's you without even seeing the logo.

Use Models

Putting a face to a brand can help your audience connect more with the product. And having some humanity in your photos makes your brand feel a little more inviting and personal.

Use Props

Props can also make the photos feel more relatable and just create a more interesting photo. Use items that compliment your products and think about how the products and props can interact naturally.

Keep it Simple

People and props of great, but remember not to go overboard with additional details. You want your product to be the focal point of the photo. So don't let your audience get distracted by the model's sunglasses when you want the focus to be on her lipstick.

Be Authentic

Even though you're creating a fantasy situation, you need it to be believable. Think about how your product naturally fits into a situation and don't be overly controlling. Being authentic to your audience makes you more trustworthy.

So are you ready to plan your next lifestyle photoshoot? We'd love to help you! Contact us for a free initial consultation and let's take your photos to the next level!



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