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Logo Makeovers

Last week we discussed how to know when it's time to rebrand your business. Click here if you missed it. Most commonly in a rebrand, a business will change their logo in some way. Sometimes it's simple and sometimes it's a complete makeover. Here are 5 ways a business might change their logo with some examples from some very recognizable brands.

Full Logo Change

When a business or organization goes through a major change, it might decided to reflect that in the logo design. A complete logo change is a way to tell the audience you are not the same business you used to be.

When Airbnb started to expand their audience and move forward, they realized their brand needed to do the same. The logo went from a dated type treatment and to a modern symbol. The business even switched their color palette to something more sophisticated and progressive.

Logo Tweak

Sometimes you just need to make some tweaks, not change everything. This happens when you need your business to be recognizable with the same values and quality you've had for years, but show that your are keeping up with the times.

A good example of this is Pfizer who, after becoming a household name with the Covid vaccine, changed their logo to reflect their advancement. They kept the same type treatment and color palette, but changed their symbolic pill shape to something a little more science and technology focused.

Logo Simplification

We could probably give a million examples of recent logo simplifications. Brands have been simplifying their logos over the years due to our most commonly used screens getting smaller and smaller. The fewer details in a design, the more recognizable it is on a smaller scale.

One of the most talked about examples of this is Pringles new logo. Mr. P has lost the detail in his iconic mustache for a much more modern and emoji-like design. But we still recognize him with just the simple flat black and white shapes.

Color Change

Your color palette is a big part of your brand. So changing your colors has a big impact. Brands will change their colors for various reasons, but it's important to understand the logic behind the decision and know what your brand colors represent.

One of our favorite color rebrands is the Travel Channel. The logo design has obviously gotten a complete makeover, but the most impactful and modernizing change is the color palette.

Font Change

This is another change that lots and lots of brands are making today. As trends in typography are changing, logo designs are responding. Many brands will keep their colors and graphics, but change the typeface to show their progression.

An example of this is Mastercard, who kept their iconic overlapping circles, but pulled the text out and switched to a more modern type treatment.

Do these logo makeovers inspire you to make some changes to your brand? If so we would love to work with you to update your logo design. Contact us for a free initial consultation and let's take your logo to the next level!


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