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Time to Rebrand?

Businesses go through changes and it's important that that's reflected in the brand. Sometimes it's a complete overhaul and sometimes it's just making a few tweaks. Whatever it looks like for you, a rebrand can be a great reset button for your business. Here's 7 reasons your business may be ready for a makeover.

Your Business Has Changed

Your business started out as one thing and has evolved into something else, and your brand no longer matches what you do. As your business goes through changes it's always good to take a step back and ask yourself, "does this still work?"

Your Audience Has Changed

You visualized your products in the hands of young professionals, but they've really taken off with retirees. Maybe it's time to lean into that and make sure your brand connects with its customers.

You Didn't Invest in Your Original Branding

When starting a business, it can be overwhelming to try and create a brand along with everything else involved. So new business owners will often go the quick and cheap route when it comes to branding, only to realize later the importance of the brand and why it's worth the investment.

You Don't Stand Out From Your Competitors

Have you looked at your competitors brands and realized they look just like yours? It's important that your brand has a distinct personality that connects your audience to your business. It's time to make yourself stand out and become memorable.

You've Moved

Sometimes a brand can connect your business to a specific location. If you decide to relocate or expand your business, the new location may not resonate with the brand. Make sure wherever you go, your brand works in its surroundings.

You've Merged

When two business with two different brands come together, trying to include both brands only creates confusion. Creating a new brand that reflects both businesses gives you a positive new image and builds credibility.

If any of these sound like your business, and you're thinking it's time for a rebrand, we'd love to help you out with that! Contact us for a free initial consultation and let's take your brand to the next level!



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