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Why You Should Hire an Event Photographer

After a year of nothing on the calendar, things are suddenly happening again! More and more businesses are having small or outdoor events every week - office parties, promotional events, performances, markets, festivals, etc. Maybe you’re planning something for your business right now.

When planning an event, hiring a professional photographer should be at the top of the to do list. It may seem a little extra or unimportant, but you’ll be amazed at how valuable professional photography can be. Here’s 8 reasons to hire a pro at your next event.

Great Content

With social media being such a prominent form of marketing these days, having constant content is crucial. And photos make great content. Posting candid shots or group photos from your event gives you something to share that shows your business from a different angle.

Future Reference

If your event is an annual one, you’ll want to look back a year from now and remember all the things you did that were successful - who was there, how you decorated, what food was served - so you can plan more efficiently and know what to do and what not to do.

Quality Photos

You may be thinking you’ll just do all of this on your smart phone, and although they’ve come a long way, smart phones are not going to give you the quality that a good DSLR will. Setting your camera phone to “portrait mode” and adding filters doesn’t compare to professional results.

Creative Photos

Not only will the quality of the photos themselves be better, the creativity will too. Photographers understand unique angles to make shots look more interesting and know little tricks to getting the best expressions out of your guests.


Not only will a photographer thoroughly capture your event, we will also take the time afterwards to go through each and every photo and select the best shots. Also photographers have software for making adjustments and edits to make sure each photo is the best it can be.

You're Busy!

Aside from the technical advantages, hiring a photographer frees you up to focus on being a good host. You will be busy at your event and chances are you’ll forget or you won’t have time to take photos. The next thing you know, the event is over and you’re left with no evidence.

Pics of You

Ever go on that family vacation and no one knows you were there because you’re not in any of the pictures? Same thing happens when you play photographer at your own event. Having a professional photographer there ensures that you and your team members will all be included in the album.

Impress Your Guests

In addition to all the practical reasons to hire a photographer, having a professional takes your event to the next level. Just like hiring a caterer, bartender, band or DJ, it shows your guests that you are willing to go the extra mile.

Whatever event you’re planning, 2nd Story would love to be there to capture it for you! Contact us and tell us what you have planned so we can put your event on our calendar!



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