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When to Rebrand

Not too long ago 2nd Story decided to revamp our look with a new logo, new website, and new marketing strategies. This decision was made based on the fact that the business had outgrown the branding, which admittedly was created in a single afternoon, frantically trying to get business cards ordered and a website launched before an entrepreneurs' conference.

The results of the rebrand have been very rewarding. And we're holding our head a little higher now. So what about you? Is your business in need of a rebrand? Here's a list of signs you may be ready for a marketing makeover.

1. You branded too quickly

When you’re first launching a business, there is a lot of things to take care of and branding is just one of them. Because of this overwhelming amount of new responsibility, start-up business owners tend to whip out a quick logo, business card, website, etc. just to get something out there. We get it. But then after the business has time to build, you realize the creative work you did or hired someone to do is amateur and doesn’t represent your brand as you would like. Chances are you are still just as busy a year or two into your business, but hopefully you’ve learned why branding is important and you can make it a priority to work with a pro and get your business brand where it needs to be.

2. You branded too cheaply

Another common challenge new business owners are faced with is all the expenses! Between purchasing your LLC, buying a domain and web hosting, and possibly renting a new office or store front, there is little money left over for creative work. So you get your teenage cousin who happens to have an Adobe subscription to create your brand. Or you use a cheap DIY logo maker to save a few pennies. Now that you have built up some capital, it’s time to graduate to a professional brand created by a professional designer.

3. Your brand no longer looks like your business

Things change. You business may not be quite what it was when you originally started. Maybe your services or products have changed. Maybe your location has changed. Maybe you have a new vision for your business. Whatever the reason, your brand should keep up with your business. If you started out as a caterer doing whatever event came your way, but now you’ve zeroed in on wedding receptions, it might be time for a rebrand to better fit your new target.

4. You don’t stand out

Ever put your brand up against your competition and suddenly feel invisible? This could be a sign that you’re ready to rebrand. When you fall into the trap of creating a brand based on what everyone else is doing, guess what…you end up looking like everyone else. It’s important that your audience sees your business as being above the curve, so if you see that that you’re going unnoticed, take a bold step into a new look that is customized for your business!

5. You need a fresh start

Sometimes you just need a reset button. Most business owners have to go through a learning process before their business really takes off. Sometimes that process involves a failed business plan. If this is you, it’s time to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and learn from your mistakes. Make the tweaks you need to make and try again. And to avoid feeling like you’re pulling yourself out of a hole, give yourself a fresh start with a makeover on the inside and out.

Overall the big question to ask yourself is how does your brand make you feel? Are you proud of it? Does it accurately represent your business? Does it speak to your audience? If you're struggling to answer any of these questions confidently, contact us and we will work with you to create a strong, effective brand taking your business to the next level!



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