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What Your Font Says About You

A big part of branding is establishing graphic style to represent your business. This includes everything from the colors in your logo to the filters on your photos to the fonts you use. And choosing fonts, or typefaces, for your brand is a much more important process than a lot of businesses give it credit for. So here's 7 categories of type and what they say about you.


Serif fonts have extra details or strokes at the end of the letters. These fonts are generally used for a classic or traditional look. But don't think this makes your brand look dated. Instead think timeless and mature. Popular serif fonts include Times New Roman, Georgia, and Garamond.


A sans-serif font doesn't have the decorative extra strokes. These fonts are more modern or contemporary. The simplicity of sans-serif fonts makes them very versatile. And there is such a diversity in this category, they can range from high-tech to sporty. Popular sans-serif fonts include Arial, Futura, and Verdana.


Slab-serifs are usually thicker, blocky fonts. They are similar to a serif in that they have decorative strokes, except the strokes on a slab-serif are flat. These fonts are a little underrated because they are for a very specific category - classy with a bit of edge. Popular slab-serifs include: Courier, Rockwell and Memphis.


Script fonts are usually a decorative cursive with the letters connecting. This style tends to give off an elegant and sometimes feminine style. So when you need to be bold, but still graceful, this is the font for you. Popular scripts include: Edwardian Script, Allura, and Mistral.


Technically this is another type of script font because it's based on manuscript lettering of the Middle Ages. This type is generally thick and calligraphic with lots of detail. Today these fonts are used in brands that want that historic look. Popular blackletter fonts include: Canterbury, Goudy Text and Rotunda.


These fonts are meant to looks exactly as they say - handwritten. And not by a scribe with excellent penmanship, but quickly and casually. When used properly they give off a very approachable and sometimes rebellious vibe. Popular handwritten fonts include: Amelia Script, Brush Up, and Amorie.


This category covers a wide range of type. Decorative fonts have extreme features and can be anything from psychedelic to graffiti to grunge to 3D and beyond. The good thing about decorative fonts is you never have to guess what vibe the brand is going for. Popular decorative fonts include: Boulevard, Curlz, Bellbottom, and Rosewood.

As you can see, a lot of thought goes into font selection. So if you want to make sure you have the right font for your brand, we would love to help you do just that. Contact us to schedule a free initial consultation and let's take your brand to the next level!



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