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What Goes on Your About Page

At 2nd Story, we love helping small businesses develop a website. One of our biggest recommendations when we start planning out the content is to include an About page. Whether it's "About Me" or "About Us" this page can be pivotal addition to your website. It gives your visitors an instant connection to you and your brand and helps them see why they should work with you. But a question we always get is "What goes on the About page?" So here are 5 features that can be beneficial to include:

The Story

This is the history of your business, however long or short, and how you came to be where you are now. Talk about the reason behind starting your business and the process or developing it. Even include some challenges you've faced over the years. This can make you more relatable to your customers. Just remember to keep it concise and read it back from a visitor's perspective.

The Purpose

This can be a mission statement or just letting the reader know what you hope to provide for your customers. Including your business's goals will help your visitors decide that they want to support you, not just buy from you.

Your Values

Whether you're talking about professional integrity or using renewable materials, sharing your company values gives visitors something else to connect with and support.

The Team

If your business consists of a team, this is the place to give them a shoutout. Also having a headshot and bio of each team member gives visitors an idea of the size of your business and what all it takes to get the job done.


Your visitors need a visual. Putting a face to your business helps your customers connect with you instantly so headshots are highly recommended. And if you have a physical location, this would be a great place to show where it all takes place. Include photos of you and your team in action. Everyone loves behind the scenes pics!

If this inspires you to add an About page to your website or update the one you've got, we'd love to work with you to create a beautiful and organized layout. And if you're realizing you need some new headshots, we can help with that too! So contact us, and let's take your website to the next level!



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