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Typography Trends in 2022

A couple of weeks ago we told you about some design styles that are trending this year. Click here if you missed it. This week we are zeroing in on typography specifically. Here are 6 typography trends you'll be seeing in 2022.

Bold and chunky fonts that take up a lot of space grab attention and can bring a design from intimidating and sophisticated to casual and approachable.

Fonts that look like someone's actual handwriting, no matter how messy, as opposed to elegant scripts bring authenticity to a design, making it seem more trustworthy.

Type getting cut off or covered by other design elements can work well as long as you're not sacrificing readability.

The unfilled but outlined look is great for strong, bold headlines. Just make sure your background is simple so the type stands out.

Increasing in popularity are fonts that take up a lot of horizontal space, but very little vertical.

Part of the anti-design movement is breaking up your words in unexpected ways.

What's your favorite typography trend this year? If you see any that you'd like to feature in your next campaign, we'd love to work with you to make your design strong and impactful. So contact us and let us take your typography to the next level.



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