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Tips for Outdoor Advertising

Whether it's a billboards, street banners, bus shelters or transit ads, outdoor advertising is a big investment for your business. But when done properly, the results are more than worth the investment. There are some general rules that are specific to designing for outdoor ads.


Outdoor ads are usually viewed at a distance and while moving, whether from the car or walking down a sidewalk. So don’t try to cram too much info in one ad. Use one large image instead of multiple smaller ones.

Short Headlines

Also following the less is more rule, use concise headlines with as few words as possible. Keep in mind that your audience probably isn’t going to stop and read several lines of text.


In addition to short headlines, you want your words to be easily readable. Use large text and a simple font that can be easily read from a distance.

High Contrast

It’s important to bring attention to your ad, especially if it’s in the middle of a busy area. Using high contrast colors and values helps stand out in the crowd.

Clear Logo

What’s the use of a great ad if no one knows who it belongs to? Make sure you logo is large enough to be seen without compromising the design. And make sure it’s clear against a solid background.


It's so important to know your target audience and their daily routine. Strategically placing your ads in areas they frequently visit puts your business in front of them regularly.


Keep in mind the surrounding area. Notice whether there are other businesses, schools, parks or homes around your ad space. Your message and design should be appropriate for that environment.

If you are considering outdoor advertising for your business, 2nd Story would love to work with you to create a powerful ad with a strong message. Contact us to schedule your free initial consultation and let's take your business to the next level!



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