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Tips for a Successful Business Slogan

We’ve had a lot of businesses come to us wanting to add a slogan or tagline to their brand. This can be really helpful in marketing your business, but only when done properly. If you’re considering a new slogan for your business, here’s 4 questions to ask yourself.

1. Does it work with my logo?

Your logo should be designed independent of your slogan. But if you plan to use your slogan in conjunction with your logo, it’s important to make sure they work well together. You don’t want your tagline to dominate your logo, yet you want it to be visible.

2. Where else can I use my slogan?

If your slogan and logo are just not visually working well together, that doesn’t mean you have to toss the slogan. There are plenty of other opportunities to use the slogan independently of the logo such as your business card, advertising, website, and social media.

3. Does it fit my brand?

Hopefully you already have a brand style for your business. If so, make sure the slogan fits within the brand. Not only should the font and colors used in your slogan be on-brand, the world you use should be as well. Make sure it fits the voice of your business.

4. Does it help my business?

Sometimes you have to ask “Do I have a slogan just for the sake of having a slogan?” You want your slogan to either help your audience understand more about your business or persuade them that your business can help them. If your slogan does neither of these things, you may need to rethink your slogan.

Hopefully this helps in the decision-making process. And if you are ready to add a slogan to your brand, we’d love to help! Contact us and tell us what you have in mind so we can help take your business to the next level!



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