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The Controversy of Canva

In the past few years we’ve been hearing how a lot of business owners are turning to Canva rather than trusting their branding and marketing to a graphic designer. And we’ve seen the results of such a decision. Poorly designed logos with cliche graphics and layouts using off-the-shelf templates and bad font choices. You’re better than this! So today we want to discuss reasons why Canva is not the solution for your business branding.

It doesn’t make you unique.

We can usually tell when something was created in Canva because their templates and stock imagery are so limiting, it all looks the same. We see the same design elements used in the branding for multiple different businesses. And how awkward is it when two different new businesses show up on the scene with the exact same logo!

It doesn’t make you a designer.

Using Canva doesn’t make you a designer any more than using a microphone makes you a singer. It takes years of education and experience to be able to create a powerful, professional design. Designing without having this kind of background leads to nothing more than amateur karaoke.

It doesn’t give you a vector.

When you first establish your business logo, it’s important to have a vector version. This is a file that allows you to resize or modify your logo without compromising the quality. Canva doesn’t provide this for you, and that will become a problem as you continue to grow your brand and use your logo in various ways.

It doesn’t give you design freedom.

Even if you do have design expertise, Canva doesn’t allow you to fully use that skill. A lot of professional designers have dabbled in Canva out of curiosity and found themselves very frustrated. Canva limits you to their templates and doesn’t give you the ability to really customize your design.

While we understand the desire for DIY, we hate to see a business with a great product or service show up looking amateur. So that’s where we’d love to work with you! For all of you who want to be a part of the design process, 2nd Story gives you that opportunity without having to do it all yourself. We will sit down with you and discuss your visions and ideas before we begin the design process. And nothing gets finalized without your approval. So contact us to schedule a free initial consultation, and let’s take your business to the next level!



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