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Summer Marketing Ideas

For many businesses, summer is a slow season. So we have some ideas to help boost your sales for the next few months. Here are 5 summer marketing techniques you might want to try.

Indoor Events

Give your customers a chance to get out of the heat and get to know your business. This is an opportunity for them to sample your products or learn about your services while enjoying some air conditioning and a frozen beverage.

Holiday Specials

This could be just a holiday sale giving your customers discounts or you can plan a special offer. Dads drink free on Father's Day, American flag cookies for the 4th of July...get creative!

Instagram Contest

Hold a contest for your followers. Ask them to post their best photo pertaining to your business. This could be a photo of them wearing/using your product, the results of how your service helped them, or a photo at your location. Make sure to have them tag you and come up with a clever hashtag for them to use. Winner gets a freebie.


A giveaway is a great marketing technique. It can be an effective way to have customers sign up for your mailing list or come into your store. The prize can be one of your products or you can partner with another business.

School Supply Drive

Host a Back to School special for a school or organization of your choice. Have customers donate school supplies and offer a discount in exchange for donated items. It's a great way to bring attention to your business and support a good cause.

If you're inspired to try one of these summer specials, we'd love to help you create a marketing campaign to get the word out to your customers. Contact us to schedule a free initial consultation and let's take your summer sales to the next level!



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