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Spring Marketing Ideas

Well we just sprung forward (don't forget the clock on the microwave) and that means Spring is right around the corner. Have you thought about how to make your business blossom like the azaleas during this time? Here's some ideas for marketing your business or organization this Spring.

Natural Vibes

Nature comes alive in the spring. So include some in your next campaign. This doesn't necessarily mean you need to fill your homepage with pastel colored daisies. Try using earth tones or natural elements and textures if that's more your brand.

Mother's Day Special

Use this time to do something special for the moms. This can be a Mother's Day package with specific products that would make a great gift. Or offer a discount to moms on services you know they'd appreciate. Or maybe a freebie to moms, whether it's a ticket to get in, an appetizer, or a gift with every purchase.

Spring Cleaning

Time to go through your inventory and do some cleaning out. Got some products that have been on the shelf a while? Have a spring sale and discount those products so you can make room for something new.


Earth Day is April 22, but the whole season is a great time to show your love for the planet. Bring attention to your eco-friendly products by making that the focal point of your next campaign. Or team up with an organization to raise funds and awareness for a good cause.

Social Media Holidays

There are so many fun little holidays in the spring that make for great social content. So start creating some posts to celebrate April Fools' Day, Siblings' Day, Star Wars Day, Cinco de Mayo, Pizza Party Day and many more!

Getting inspired? 2nd Story would love to work with you to create a beautiful and effective spring campaign. So contact us and let's take your business to the next level!



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