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Photography Trends for 2023

We've shared with you several trends for 2023 in the world of graphic design. Today we'd like to share the trends you'll be seeing in commercial photography this year and probably years to come. Here are 5 trends you might want to include in your next photo shoot.


Today's consumers are looking for something they can trust, which means they want to see an authentic and relatable image they can connect with. This is why more of today's commercial photography is using real life scenarios instead of the glamorized fantasies.

First-person Perspective

Give your viewers a perspective that lets them almost experience what you're showing them, instead of feeling like an outsider looking in. Showing a hand touching the product helps your viewer connect more easily with what you're selling.


We're seeing this trend throughout the creative marketing scene. Our poor little brains are so overwhelmed with constant input and clutter, we need space to breathe. So give your audience that space in your photography and notice how naturally they are drawn to it.


Having everyone feel represented in your imagery is no longer a bonus, it's becoming the standard. Showing diversity not only broadens your audience, it gives you credibility with those who value inclusivity. And we're past the point of trying to subtly add more diversity in our imagery, we're being deliberate and intentional.


Probably the most prevalent form of escapism today is nostalgia. Whether in subject matter or using fun little filters, photography that gives us a glimpse at our youth is catching everyone's eye by taking us to a simpler time in our life. And as discussed earlier, we all need a little simplicity right now.

So which of these photography trends are you the most drawn to? If you're getting ideas for your next photo shoot, we'd love to work with you. Contact us to schedule a free initial consultation and let's take your photography to the next level!



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