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Most Recognizable Logos - Part 1

Any good entrepreneur knows that the logo design is one of the most important decisions to make for your business. The recognizability of your brand is what keeps customers coming back and builds reputation for new business. And as proof, here are a few examples of some of the most recognizable logos out there today.


Let’s start with possibly the most recognizable logo, the iconic Nike swoosh designed by Carolyn Davidson in 1971. Davidson came up with the swoosh design to represent motion and and wings of the Greek goddess Nike. The company’s founder Phil Knight was not in love with the design at first, but settled on it for the sake of meeting a deadline. And it’s true, Davidson was only paid $35 for her work. However, in 1983 Knight presented her with a diamond ring and 500 shares of Nike stock.


The Golden Arches were originally a part of McDonald’s building design. There was a large golden arch on either side of the restaurant. In 1962 the logo was created bringing the two arches together to form the “M” for McDonald’s. The fast food chain has dropped the arches on the building, but kept the iconic logo.


Amazon’s logo has evolved over the years, just as the business itself has. But the brand seems to have landed on a winner with the current smiling arrow. Established in 2000 by design agency Turner Duckworth, the logo uses an arrow extending from “A” and “Z” which curves into a smile. These two symbols represent their extensive selection of products, beginning to end delivery service, and customer satisfaction.


The Apple logo has changed dramatically from its original design in 1976 which showed a detailed illustration of Isaac Newton under an apple tree. It was only a year later in 1977 that designer Rob Janoff created the bitten apple we know today. The simplicity of the design was ahead of its time and, while the colors have evolved from the original rainbow stripes, the shape has remained constant.


The typographical Coca-Cola logo has gone through minimal changes since it’s origin in the late 1800s. Frank Robinson, who was the bookkeeper for the company, designed the logo specifically to focus on the double “C” because he thought it would be easily recognizable. He was right. The same elegant letters that branded Coca-Cola over 130 years ago are still being used today!

If this list feels incomplete to you, don't worry! We'll be back next week with Part 2 of the most recognizable logos. In the meantime, think about the impact your logo is having on your business. Is it easily identifiable? 2nd Story has helped several businesses establish a strong logo design and we'd love to do the same for you! So contact us and let's take your logo to the next level!



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