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Marketing to Gen Z

They are one of the most targeted generations of consumers, but marketing to them is no easy task. Born between the mid-90s and 2010, Generation Z is tech-savvy, media-savvy, and has very high standards. So if this new generation fits within your target audience, here's some tips for speaking to them in a more effective way.

Stand for Something

This generation wants to know who and what they are supporting. So being clear and transparent about your business values can benefit you.

Have an Authentic Voice

Gen Z wants to hear from Gen Z, not a Gen Xer imitating them. And they know the difference. So it's important to speak their language and get on their level.

Zero in on Your Target

This is a very diverse generation. So to say your target audience is Gen Z doesn’t cut it. Know specifically the values, lifestyle, political stance and interests of your target.

Use Bite-Sized Info

Gen Z was pretty much raised to have a short attention span. So when you have a lot to communicate, break it down into easily digestible pieces instead of heaping massive chunks of information at them.

Be Entertaining

The best way to grab a Gen Zer's attention is to entertain them. Humorous and fun ads are most likely to stand out instead of the more info-driven.

Whatever generation you're marketing to, it's important to speak their language and understand their priorities. We would love to help you create a marketing campaign to do just that. So contact us to schedule your free initial consultation and let's take your business to the next level.



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