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Keep Visitors on Your Site

When marketing your business, your website is usually the primary source of information. This is why when a visitor comes to your site, it’s important that they stay long enough to get the information that could turn them in a customer. Here’s some tips for doing just that!

Relevant Content

The information on your website should be the information your visitors expect to find on your website. If the visitor comes looking for something specific but finds irrelevant information, they won’t stick around.

Small Paragraphs

In a world of quick information, large paragraphs can seem tedious and way too time-consuming to read. So break up your content into smaller paragraphs separated by images and subheads.

Scannable Content

Many visitors are not even willing to read a small paragraph so you want to make your website as scannable as possible. Use bullets points to simplify information. And make sure your font is large enough and lines are spaced enough to easily read.

Easy Navigation

No one wants to have to hunt for the information they are looking for. So make sure your navigation is straightforward and obvious. And keep key information up front.

New Tabs

Don’t send your visitors away from your website. If you’re going to link to something outside of your site, make sure the browser opens a new tab so they can always easily come back to you.

Engaging Images

Use imagery that will draw visitors in and make them want to hear more of what you have to say. Powerful photography will keep visitors interested. And professional graphics will increase their confidence in your business.

If you’re noticing some adjustments you need to make to your business website or getting some ideas for a new site, we’d love to help you out. Contact us to set up a free initial consultation and let us help you take your website to the next level.



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