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Introducing our New Brand Colors!

We’re back! Thanks for your patience while we took some time to make some changes at the 2nd Story. We’d like to start off by presenting our new logo colors.

And we’d like to invite you to scope out our new website featuring some more recent projects.

This week we thought you’d like to learn more about the new brand colors and why we chose them. We’ve moved away from our primary colors to a palette we feel is a better fit for the business.

As you can see, the blue has stayed. As a color of trust and professionalism we still feel that this color represents us well and you’ve come to recognize it as the main color in our brand.

The new teal represents clarity and communication, which is one of our main business values. This color against the blue has a very soothing effect.

The new fuchsia is, of course, a color of imagination and creativity. Because creativity is our strength, we went with a strong, bold fuchsia.

As our tertiary colors, we have a lighter fuchsia and a darker blue. It’s important to have lighter and darker shades in a brand palette and these colors create a nice balance.

So what do you think? Drop us a comment on the blog. We’d love to hear your feedback on the new colors! And if you’re feeling inspired to update the colors in your brand, contact us and let us help you get your business to the next level!



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