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How to Write for Your Website

This seems to be a common struggle for new small business owners when it comes to preparing to build a website. You have all the knowledge about your business in your head, but now you have to organize it and communicate it in the form of web content. To help you with this often overwhelming task, we have 5 steps to writing for your website.

Step 1: Do some research

Get some inspiration by visiting some other websites in your field. Sometimes scoping out the competition helps move you in the right direction.

Step 2: Freewrite

Block off some time to sit down and just start writing. And don’t stop for like 20 minutes. Write down everything you want the world to know about your business. And then right some more.

Step 3: Organize

Once you’ve got all your thoughts on paper organize them into categories. Then give each of those categories a name. These will potentially be the pages on your website. For some helpful hints, check out our blog post on webpages.

Step 4: Edit

Read over your organized information and decide what is relevant and what is not. Remember to read from the perspective of your potential customer. Be honest with yourself about what they really want to know.

Step 5: Get Feedback

Present your content to some trustworthy and knowledgeable friends, family or business partners and get their feedback. Then ask them to sum up what they read. That way you’ll know if you’re communicating clearly.

Hopefully you’re already feeling some relief. If this has made the task of creating a website seem a little less daunting, it may be time for you to take that step. And 2nd Story would love to help! We’ll take your content and create a beautiful, professional website that you’ll be proud to share. So contact us and let’s take your business to the next level!



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