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How to Look Good in Photos

A few weeks ago we posted about why you need a photographer at your next event. So in hopes that you're taking our advice, we want you and your guests look good at that event. You can help us out with that! Here’s 7 ways to look better in your event photos.

Find the Light

For an ideal lighting situation, make sure the main light source is in front of you. If you’re backlit, you’ll just be a silhouette. If the main light source is the sun and having it in font is too bright, bring the the scene into shadow.

Check Behind You

Check the scenery behind you and make sure it’s something you’re happy with. You want the background to say something positive about where you are and what’s happening. If it’s just a plain wall behind you, you could be anywhere. Make it relevant to the occasion.

Do Something Interesting

Just standing there doesn’t make for a very interesting photo. If it’s a group shot, interact with each other. If it’s just you, try a creative pose or use a prop to bring some personality to the shot.

No Talking!

Talking while the photographer is shooting you is a common mistake. The camera is going to capture what ever shape your mouth is in while you’re speaking, which can lead to some awkward facial expressions. So keep talking to a minimum while you're in front of the camera.

Head Forward, Not Up

Another very common mistake. Many people lift their head when posing for a shot. Usually to avoid the dreaded double chin. This is fine if the camera is above you, but typically it’s not. So lifting your head only makes you head look smaller and your body bigger. Not flattering. Instead move your head forward towards the camera so that your face is the focal point.


It’s common to tighten up (or in some cases, suck in) in font of the camera. But holding your breath and tensing your body can make you look uncomfortable and nervous. Just relax and bring the attention to your face, not your body.


So, yes, ideally the photographer gets it right on the first click, but sometimes there’s a distraction behind you or someone in the shot looks away or closes their eyes and another shot is necessary. So just because you hear a single click doesn’t mean it’s time to break away. Give the photographer time to take multiple shots.

We realize that’s a lot of things to think about while you’re just trying to have a good time. So if you hire 2nd Story to photograph your next event, we’ll help you remember these things when you’re in front of the camera and we’re behind it. Contact us today so we can put your event on our calendar!



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