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How to Build Trust Through Design

One of the biggest tools for growing your business or organization is trustworthiness. Think about how much trust affects the products you buy and the services you use. 2nd Story wants to help you develop trust with your costumers and here are some ways you can do that.

Make it About the Customer

Way too often we see business owners use photos of themselves on their marketing materials or on the front page of their website. Here's a gentle and friendly reminder... it's not about you (even though we think you're awesome). Make the customer the hero! Using imagery that represents your target audience will help you connect with your customers and ultimately gain their trust.

Be Transparent

Be real about who you are and what you do. The words and images you use to market yourself should paint a very clear picture of the type of products or services you offer. The more questions you can answer for your customer before actually talking with them, the more likely they are to follow through.

Use Testimonials

Sometimes you need to let others do the talking. Testimonials from satisfied customers can be helpful, especially for small businesses or startups who need to build some credibility. It's a great way to boast without boasting. And it shows that you value your customers' feedback.

Be Professional

Good, clean, professional design shows that you've got your s*** together. When design looks amateur and sloppy, it sends a message that you don't care about quality and presentation. It's the same as showing up for a job interview in a wrinkled or stained shirt. Show your customers you wanna look good for them!

Be Consistent

Staying consistent within your brand is a good idea for several reasons, but gaining trust is a big one. If you were to go into a clinic and see a different doctor every time, you would never get the opportunity to get comfortable with one consistent person. The same applies here. Constantly introducing new colors, graphics and type treatments can detrimental. Give your customers the chance to recognize your brand and feel safe with it.

Are you seeing changes that need to be made within your marketing materials? 2nd Story would love to work with you to build trust with your customers through quality design and photography. Contact us to schedule an initial consultation and let's take your business to the next level!



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