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Graphic Design Trends for 2023

Welcome to 2023! We've been keeping an eye on some up-and-coming trends in the creative marketing world and we're excited about what we've observed. And we want to share them with you. Over the next few weeks we'll be telling you about trends we're seeing in design, photography, branding and more! So let's get started with some graphic design trends that are already making a splash in 2023.

Bold Minimalism

Minimalism uses simplicity, clean lines and flat colors. This style has been growing in popularity for the past several years, mostly due everyone looking at everything on their small mobile devices. But this year we're brighting things up with bold colors and large geometric shapes.


Maybe a response to the popularity of minimalism, we see the other end of the spectrum fighting back. Maximalism breaks all the rules and ignore the boundaries, mixing colors, layering patterns, and rejecting negative space. The maximalism motto: less is not more.

80s Retro

History repeats itself and we all love a bit of nostalgia. So we've been seeing design styles of the past making a comeback for years now. And yes, the psychedelic 60s and 70s are still trending, but the 80s are on the rise when it comes to colors, gradients, and "futuristic" visuals.

3D Surrealism

Due to advancements in design technology, 3D graphics have been trending for a few years now. But we seem to be moving in more of a surrealistic direction with this trend. This means dream-like imagery and unexpected scenes. With more realistic renderings of 3D design, this might be a method of escapism we all need.


We're excited about this one! Photography is now being used as a prominent design element. And this year, we see photos and graphics interacting with each other to create some custom mixed media effects. So we're looking forward to planning your next photoshoot!

As you can see, we have a lot to work with this year! Which graphic design trend are you the most excited about? If you're suddenly inspired to create a campaign for 2023, we'd love to work with you! So contact us to schedule a free initial consultation and let's take your 2023 to the next level!



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