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Get Out of the Spotlight!

I see so many ads where the owner of the business has made themselves the star. Having their face on a billboard or starring in their own commercial. Yes, it’s good get personal and have your audience understand who you are, but putting the focus primarily on yourself doesn’t help your customer understand how your business can benefit them.

The more effective marketing technique is to give your customer a sense of how their lives will be better because of your product or service. This means making them the star. When your customer can relate to the message your ads are sending, they are much more likely to respond.

For example, I can’t relate to a mechanic standing in front of a vehicle and telling me everything they know about engines. But I can relate to counting on my car starting so I can get to work.

Know your Target. Putting your customer in the spotlight requires you to know who your customer is. We discussed finding you target audience in a previous blog post. Read it here. But in a nut shell, it’s important to zero in on who is most likely to buy from you and focus on that type of person. Even if your product or services could benefit everyone, you should have a specific character in mind.

Do Your Research. Being able to identify your target is a start, but to really speak to your customer you need to know them personally. Get to know what they like and don’t like. Understand their motives and what triggers emotions for them. Having an understanding of your clients values and priorities will help you speak to them in a more relatable way.

Put the Customer in the Picture. Instead of just using images of you or your product in ads, show the customer images of themselves that they can relate to and that trigger the appropriate response. This could mean showing them how much fun it would be to have a family dinner at your restaurant or how gorgeous they will look after using your haircare product. It could also mean showing them in danger from not using your home security system or the pain they’ll be in if they don’t get their tooth fixed at your dental clinic.

Maintain Customer Relationships. Find ways to keep your customer coming back to you. This may be a follow up call after they’ve experienced your service or giving them a coupon when they are at the checkout. For most businesses an email list can be very beneficial. Reaching out to your client regularly with deals or information not only gives them incentive to come back to you, but it also keeps your business fresh on their mind.

At 2nd Story we would love to help your business by creating marketing campaigns that put your customer in the spotlight. Contact us to schedule a consultation to help you create a marketing plan and get our business to the next level.



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