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Fear-based Marketing

It's almost Halloween! And while scaring people is the part of the fun this time of year, for some businesses it's a year-found marketing strategy. Fear-based marketing can be very impactful in getting customers' attention and drawing them in with a safety solution. But taken too far and we've crossed a line into manipulation. However there is an ethical approach to this marketing strategy. Here are 4 tips to marketing without compromising your moral values.

Be Honest

For a healthy marketing plan, be real about what "dangers" your customer may face without your product or service. Exaggerating the level of risk to evoke fear is a good way to lose your audience's trust.

Know Your Audience

In order to know how to elicit an emotion, you have to know your audience. Get to know their values and priorities to understand what they would consider to be a real threat. This could be physical danger, financial risks, medical concerns, social standings, or just quality of life.

Educate Your Customers

Instead of just telling your customers that they need you, tell them why. Explain why they should be concerned using factual evidence, then give them step by step details on how you can provide them with the security they're seeking.

Follow Through

The whole idea of creating a sense of urgency for your audience is so that you can follow up with giving them security. This means providing them with a solution that not only meets their needs, but also gives them peace of mind.

So what do you think? Is this a marketing tactic you'd like to explore? If so, we'd love to work with you on your next campaign. So contact us for a free initial consultation and let's take your marketing to the next level!



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