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Customer Needs

For the past few weeks we've been discussing various marketing methods and how they can work their way into your advertising. Today we want to focus on customer needs. Having their needs fulfilled is what drives customers to choose your product or service over your competitors. So it's helpful to know what those needs are. Here are some of the most common needs your customers may have.


Probably the most obvious customer need, things need to work properly. Not only that, but they need to work in the way your customer wants them to. So learn what your customer's expectations are in functionality.


The price can affect a customers decision in one way or another. Some customers are on a budget and are looking for the best deal, while others will deliberately choose a pricier path because they feel the quality will be better. Know your customer's budget and what they're willing to spend.


It's not uncommon for customers to prioritize quick and easy, what will take the least amount of time and energy. If this is your customer, think of ways to make acquiring and using your product or service more convenient for them.


The freedom to choose is a need many customers will have. Providing options gives them a sense of control. This can be variations of your product (size, color, etc), purchase plans, or payment methods.


The overall look of a product or outcome of a service may be important to your customer. So get to know your customer's style preferences so you can fulfill their aesthetic needs.

What are your customers needs? And are you promising to fulfill them in your advertising? If you're considering this as a new marketing method, we'd love to work with you to create an ad campaign that speaks directly to your target customer. So contact us, and let's take your marketing to the next level!



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