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Color vs Black & White

In a world of so many thoughtless colors screaming at us all the time, black and white photography, when used properly finds a place that resonates with us for several reasons. It’s one of the more undervalued tactics for effective advertising. If you’re using photography to market your business, you might consider what your campaign would look like with minimal color. Here’s some reasons why…

Focus on the Basics

Color can be useful or it can be a distraction. Black and white photos are great for helping your target customer focus on the basic practicality of what you’re selling. Removing the color from a photo reminds us that the functionality is more important than the aesthetic.

Create a Mood

Setting a specific tone happens more effectively when black and white photography is used. Our culture has set an expectation for imagery without color to be more thought provoking and emotional. So when we see black and white photos, we pay attention.


The colors in a photo, or the treatment of the colors in a photo, can make you subconsciously connect that photo to a specific time period. This is because color trends find their way into photography. So when we remove the color, the photo is no longer stuck in the year it was taken.

Creative Freedom

Sometimes you want to give your viewer the liberty to see things as they want. Removing color from a photo is like giving a child a fresh new coloring book. They get to decide how things should look. In a way, you’re customizing your imagery to your individual viewers because each person has their own experience based on what colors they imagine.

All this to say, sometimes color is essential, but there are moments when we can benefit from a monochromatic image. If you’re still having trouble making that decision for your business marketing, let 2nd Story help you make the call. And if you are in need of some black and white or color photography, contact us to schedule a photoshoot.



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