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Business Headshot Ideas

If you own a business, it is essential to have good quality, up-to-date, professional headshots. Unfortunately this is a process many business owners dread. At 2nd Story we like to make the experience a lot less painful with creative ways of capturing you at your best. Here's a few suggestions...

Natural Environment

Including something natural in the background can create a warmer, more friendly vibe to your headshots as opposed to an office environment. Whether you’re shooting in a park, over a body of water or just in front of a tree, try layering your professionalism over an earthy backdrop like we did in this portrait of Joni Flowers Moore for her event planning business Passion for Planning.

Familiar Territory

If you’re marketing to a local audience, it can help to let them know you’re a local too. Shooting in a location that is familiar to your audience gives them something to relate to. Include a recognizable landmark or an identifiable cityscape in the background like we did in this shot of Chef Carla Briggs of Viola Heritage Breads in front of the New Orleans skyline.

Texture and Color

If you’re shooting in an urban environment, take advantage of the colors and textures that can often be found on the sides of buildings. Using weathered walls and abstract graffiti can make for a fun headshot like this photo of Sarah Gris Gris, lead singer of local band Chicken on the Bone.

Use a Prop

Include a prop in your photo that says something about your business. When appropriate props can be effective by giving the audience a little more context and causing them to associate your image with your skill. We used a basket of ingredients for this shot of Kathryn Conyers from Viola Heritage Breads.

In Your Element

What better way to tell your audience what you do than to show them in your headshot. Shooting in your place of work lets the audience get an inside look into your business and can make them feel more invited into that space. Like using a prop, it also makes the connection between you and what you do. We shot fitness trainer Jenny Leigh in the gym while cycling!



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