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6 Things to Include in Your Online Store

This one goes out to all our e-commerce entrepreneurs. If you are currently selling products online, there are a few things that we highly encourage you to feature in your online store.

Payment Options

Don’t let having only one payment option cause customers to abandon their cart. You want checking out to be quick and easy. Best way to do that is to provide multiple payment options including things like PayPal or Apple Pay, where your customer might already have an account.

High-Quality Photos

Make your products as enticing as possible. A good-quality, clear image of your product gives the customer more information than a long detailed description. 2nd Story offers product photography as one of our many services to help businesses look their best, so contact us if you’d like some help in this area.

Share Button

Free marketing! Add a share button so that after customers have placed their order, they can let their social media network know about it. Maybe even offer an incentive by giving a discount on the next purchase to those who share.

Product Reviews

Another good way to get your customers involved in your marketing is to ask them to leave a review. This builds the trust of your potential buyers and gives you credibility that doesn’t come from self-promotion.

Discount Codes

Offer something exclusive to those on your mailing list or your social media followers. A discount code can sometimes influence a purchase that may not have happened otherwise. And making your followers feel valued is always a good thing!

Refund Policies

Shopping online is always risky since you can’t see the product in-person. So reduce that risk for your customers by offering a generous refund policy. This is another great way to build trust and show that you have confidence in what you’re selling.

Of course all of this should be against the background of a beautiful and professional website. At 2nd Story we would love to work with you to help get you up and running in the world of e-commerce. Contact us to schedule a free initial consultation and let’s get your business to the next level!



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