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5 Reasons You Still Need Business Cards

Ok so let’s just be real for a moment and acknowledge that the days of paper business cards are probably limited. Technology is quickly moving us towards a 100% digital way of sharing information. However, we’re not quite there yet. Business cards are still being used in the world of networking. And with Covid restrictions gradually being lifted, you’re probably gonna be needing them more as you find yourself out and about in the world.

So here’s 5 reasons why you still need paper business cards.

Quick and Easy

How often do you find yourself needing to give someone your info and only having a couple of seconds to do so? Elevator rides, quick encounters on the street, and standing in line at the checkout don’t always give us enough time to put someone’s information in our phone. Handing off a business card takes no time at all. So you can use what little time you have to be selling yourself and not scrambling to get information.

Accurate information

Verbally speaking your name, phone number, email or url to someone means you’re counting on them to get it right. But typos happen and names get misspelled. And then there’s situations of too much background noise and they don’t hear you correctly. If you hand off a business card you know the info is all there and spelled correctly.

Technology Free

There are benefits to not having to rely on technology all the time. Phones lose their charge or get damaged and sometimes we find ourselves in black holes without service. Good old-fashioned business cards don’t need specific circumstances to work.

Brand Awareness

Just telling someone your name or business name doesn’t give you the opportunity to get your brand in their face right then and there. Your business card should at least have your logo printed on the front. That way giving a potential client your card forces them to see your brand right off the bat.


Realistically, as long as business cards are still a thing, you should have one. Many people prefer it over dealing with technology. And when you’re at a networking event and everyone whips out a card except you, you don’t look advanced, you look ill-prepared.

So if we’ve convinced you of the need for some professional, well-designed business cards, let us help you create a card design that will get you noticed and leave a lasting impression. Contact us to schedule a free initial consultation. We’d love to help get your business to the next level.



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