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Why Market to Gen Alpha

We've talked a lot about generational marketing. But now the youngest generation, Gen Alpha (born 2010-2025), has given us a whole new group of humans to consider. It's easy to dismiss the idea of marketing to today's youngsters, but there are some things we need to take into consideration about this age group.

There's a lot of them.

An estimated 2.5 million Alphas are born each week. At this rate, by the time all of them are born, there will be over 2 billion Alphas on the planet, making them the largest generation in history.

They are very aware.

Because of how plugged-in this generation is, they are already aware of social and political issues and have their own opinions. They are the most educated generation thus far.

They are raised by Millennials.

Most Alphas are the children of Millennials, who are generally very hands-on parents. They make sure their Alpha kids have a seat at the table when it comes to decision making and keep them in the loop.

They are very influential.

Alphas are set up to be the most influential generation. They will not see their age as a hinderance. They will have witnessed teens and kids before them take action with global impact.

This generation may not be your current target consumer, but they probably will be sooner than you think. Regardless of what generation you see as your audience, we'd love to help you create a campaign that speaks to them. Contact us to set up a free consultation and let's take your marketing to the next level.



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