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Tips for Successful Brainstorming

It’s time to come up with your next marketing campaign or launch your next line of products or plan your next event. So you need an idea. This calls for a brainstorming session. Brainstorming can be a fun and creative process for you and your team, or it can be overwhelming and cause arguments. That’s why it’s important to go into the session with the right mindset and game plan. Here are 6 tips for successful brainstorming.

Get the Bad Ideas Out

Chances are you have already come up with ideas you know aren’t right and won’t work. Go ahead and put them out on the table. Getting the bad ideas out of your head will clear space for the good ones. Also when brainstorming with a team, it’s a good ice breaker to make everyone feel more comfortable sharing.

Don’t Criticize

You want your brainstorming session to be a safe environment where ideas are free to flow. So hold your judgement of anyone’s ideas, including your own, until you have all the ideas out there and are ready to narrow it down.

Don’t Dwell

A brainstorming session is meant to create ideas, not to develop them. So don’t spend too much time figuring out the logistics to an idea. Keep the energy moving without getting bogged down in one thing.

Choose a Diverse Group

A variety of perspectives leads to a broad range of ideas. If you want to leave no stone unturned, make sure you have a diverse group participating in your brainstorming session. Avoid letting one person dominate the conversation, and make sure all voices are heard.


Holding your brainstorming session in a new environment will spark creativity. So instead of meeting in your usual conference room, try a change of scenery. Meet outside if the weather is nice or gather at your favorite coffee house. Just make sure you have a large enough space for your group and your ideas.

Uses Visuals

Ideas are best communicated using imagery. So don’t just write down words. Sketch out your ideas or gather images into a mood board, whatever works best for you. And it helps to have all ideas out on paper in front of you. Another reason choosing a large space is important.

Brainstorming is a big part of the creative marketing process. And we would love to be a part of yours. Whether you have a game plan or you just need a team to brainstorm with, 2nd Story can help you turn your ideas into a success! So contact us for a free consultation and let’s take your ideas to the next level.



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