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The Dos and Don'ts of Web Design

Having a website is essential for your business. But the process of building one can be overwhelming! At 2nd Story we have some fundamental rules for web design that can bring your website from amateur to professional.

Do stay within your brand

  • Establish colors, fonts, images treatments to use consistently

  • Maintain the same treatments throughout your site

  • When using a template, make necessary changes

Don’t be inconsistent

  • Graphic elements should match throughout your site.

  • Pay attention to colors, font sizes, capitalization, spacing, etc.

  • When adding info, revert back to the original

Do keep it clean and simple

  • Make sure the most important info is the most prominent

  • Give your features room to breathe

  • Don’t clutter your site with unnecessary pizazz

Don’t get crazy!

  • Too many bells and whistles is distracting and unprofessional

  • Keep animations subtle

  • Less is more

Do make info easily accessible

  • Place info in obvious locations

  • The navigation bar should be prominent

  • Buttons should be obviously buttons

Don’t hide information

  • Put info in familiar locations

  • Use easy-to-read fonts

  • Don’t put info over busy backgrounds

Do use high quality imagery

  • Use hi res photos - hire a photographer (hint, hint)

  • Use relevant stock photography

  • Use an original graphic - hire a designer

Don’t use the wrong imagery

  • Give the visitor a sense of what you do

  • Don’t use imagery that is irrelevant

  • The best imagery makes the customer the hero

Do make info easy to digest

  • Use minimal text that gets straight to the point

  • Bullet points are a great way to cover info quickly

  • Break up paragraphs with images and icons

Don’t get copy heavy

  • Keep copy concise.

  • Too much copy is overwhelming

  • Don’t make the visitor dig for info

Web design is just one of the many creative services 2nd Story offers. So if you are looking for help building your site, developing your brand or advertising your business, contact us! We'd love to work with you!



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