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Simple Product Shot Ideas

Product Photography can look like many things. In some situations all you need is your product against a white background. But to draw you audience in, you'll need some creative photos that show off your product in a captivating way. Here's some product shot techniques that we've used that have been proven to work!

Use Unexpected Props

Using unique props or settings is a great way to get your audience's attention. We used this technique when photographing for Symmetry Jewelers. Instead of seeing jewelry on a model or in a jewelry box, we placed the products alongside everyday household items.

Use a Reflective Surface

A simple hack for making your products look high-value is to photograph them with a reflection. This can be a shiny surface or on a mirror, like we used when photographing cosmetics from the K Gossie Collection.

Show the Ingredients

Surrounding your product with some of the ingredients used to make it creates some unique photography and gives your audience information about your product. When photographing for Crescent City Swoon, we surrounded their products with the flowers and crystals found inside.

Shoot On Location

Get out of the studio and shoot in an environment that works well with your products. This helps your audience connect more with the product by seeing it in a location that is either familiar or desirable. We used this technique by photographing Atlas Handmade Beads out and about in the French Quarter.

Show Products in Use

Photographing your products in action is another way to help your audience connect to what you're selling and to show them specifically how the product is meant to be used. That's why we shot Good For Me's sauces alongside recipes they are perfect for.

Need some new photography for your products? We'd love to help you by creating some beautiful product shots that will put your products in the best light. So contact us and let's take your photos to the next level!



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