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Promotional Items that Work

Getting your business name out there can be tough. But there are plenty of opportunities to promote you business other than just your standard ads. Investing in some branded items to giveaway to your customers or potential customers can be very effective if done strategically. Choose items that will get used regularly by your target customer. Here are 5 ideas for promotional items for a business on a budget.

Pens and Pads

Pens are one of the most popular items for branding, but that’s because they are very effective. Pens are useful for everyone and tend to get passed around causing multiple people to lay eyes on your logo. Adding a branded notepad or sticky pad will keep your company name in front of the user regularly.


Water bottles, coffee mugs, koozies…how many of these do you have in your kitchen with a logo printed on the side? Branded drinkware can be as fancy or as simple as you decide. Even a simple plastic cup will be kept and used repeatedly. And if it's an item meant to be used on the go, that gives you an even bigger audience.

Tote Bags

As our society becomes more eco-friendly, tote bags are making more of an appearance with shoppers. And they can be made from multiple materials, so find what works best for your brand. Not only do bags keep you brand in front of the owner of the bag, but anyone who sees them carrying it as well. It’s basically free advertisement.


Magnets are great because they are most likely to go on the refrigerator, a place that is visited multiple times a day. Also they have longevity and will be used to secure the most important reminders, photos, kids' drawings and holiday cards over the years. Not a bad idea to have your business associated with these important parts of life.


Another form of free advertisement, putting your logo on shirts, hats or jackets turns the wearers into walking billboards. And most apparel gives you the space for not just your logo, but a nice illustration or clever saying. Remember, you need people to want to wear it in public, not just when they’re lounging around the house.

Hopefully these ideas have given you something to think about. Any of these items can be great giveaways in a swag bag at a party, at your booth at a convention, or at the checkout counter of your store. And 2nd Story would love to work with you to get your brand on a product in the most effective way. Contact us to schedule a free consultation and let’s get your branding to the next level!



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