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Logo Simplification

We've talked a lot recently about how many businesses are simplifying their logo designs. And we've shared how a simple logo can be better for your business. So we'd like to clarify the reasons why, when it comes to logo design, less is more.


The fewer details in a logo design, the more versatile it is. Think of your logo as a little black dress - simple and classic and goes with anything. It's important that your logo can be used in and alongside multiple design elements without awkwardly clashing with its surroundings.


Because we consume so much information on small screens these days, we rarely see brands much larger than thumbnail size. And when designs get scaled down, details get lost. A simple logo can be much more easily identified on a small scale than a complex logo.


You want your logo to be memorable, right? The fewer details in a logo, the less your audience has to remember. Think about how more basic songs get stuck in your head than the ones with a lot of complicated lyrics. Simple logos stick.


The world of branding goes through changes pretty regularly. And with fewer design elements in your logo, the less likely you are to get stuck with an outdated design. Look how much the Taco Bell logo has changed over the years vs how McDonald's simple golden arches have been around for generations.

Brand Strength

Brands with simple logos are now seen as stronger and more established. Having a clean and minimalist logo shows confidence in your brand. So if you're trying to communicate a message of sophistication and boldness, we recommend simplifying.

So is it time to give your logo a makeover? We'd love to work with you to create a strong and simple brand for your business. So contact us and let's take your logo to the next level!



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