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How to Create a Memorable Ad

Last week we gave you some methods for an effective advertisement. Click here if you missed it. The first of those methods was to make the ad memorable. Today we'd like to elaborate on that. Here are some ways to make your ad linger in the minds of audience.

Tell a Story

We're more likely to remember information when it's used in context. So instead of just giving the facts about your product or service, create a narrative to help the audience connect more with what you're selling. This can be fact or fiction. Maybe share the story of how your product is made or how your services saved the day for a customer.

Use Emotions

In a world of information overload, we all want to stop and feel something...sometimes just to make sure we're still human. Specific emotions can be triggered by a variety of experiences. So know the triggers of your audience's emotions. Whether it's a visual, a piece of music, or an inspiring message, give your audience the opportunity to have an emotional response.

Use Humor

We are also always looking to be entertained. And because entertainment is so easily-accessible in today's world, our standards for amusement have become higher. So it's important to understand your audience's specific sense of humor, whether it's clever wordplay, dry humor, or slapstick comedy.

Make Them Think

It's just common sense - the longer we spend looking at an ad, the more it will stick with us. So creating an ad that "takes a minute" is a good way to leave a lasting impression. This can be asking the audience a difficult question about themselves, sharing surprising facts, or leaving them with a challenge.

Powerful Imagery

Sometimes it's just about finding the right visuals for your audience through photography, videography, illustration or animation. Use dynamic imagery to show the positive impact of what you're selling, or use dramatic imagery to show the negative impact of not becoming your customer. Or perhaps you just need a really powerful product shot that speaks to the senses.

Whichever approach you decide to take, it's important to understand your target audience and appeal to them specifically. This is why at 2nd Story we work with you to customize your campaign to speak directly to your customers. So if you're ready to creates some memorable marketing, contact us. Let's take your business to the next level!


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