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Graphic Design Firsts

So many people think of branding and marketing as modern-day concepts, and graphic design as a very contemporary art form. But throughout history you will see how culture has evolved because of some creative techniques that are still used today. Here are 7 graphic design firsts in history.

First Ad

One of the first advertisements was carved on a stone column in the ancient city of Memphis in approximately 500 BC. The text said “I live here, Minos from Cyprus, who can interpret dreams for a moderate fee.”

First Logos

The Egyptians were the first to use logos in the 13th century. They branded their animals with hieroglyphs to mark ownership.

First Watermark

The first Watermark was used in 1282 to protect an original piece of art, which is what they are used for today.

First Typeface

The first typeface to be used was Meta, developed by German inventor Johann Gutenberg in the mid-1400's. The first type foundry was developed by French Type Designer Claude Garamond in 1530.

First Newspaper Ad

The very first newspaper ad was published in 1704 in the Boston News Letter. It advertised an estate in Oyster Bay, Long Island.

First Billboards

Billboards were first invented in the 1830s by Jared Bell to advertise circus acts. In the 1860s businesses caught on and began advertising in outdoor spaces.

First Website

The first ever website was launched on August 6, 1991 by 60-year-old British computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee.

Understanding the history and longevity of creative marketing can help you understand why it's important today. There is a reason we still practice these same techniques...they work! So if you see a need for branding and advertising in your business, we'd love to work with you. Contact us and let's take your creative marketing to the next level!



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