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Essential Webpages for a Small Business

Businesses often come to us in need of a web presence, but with no idea of what content should be included. So we have some suggestions for web pages that might be beneficial to feature on your website.


Well this one is obvious, but what should be included on the homepage? This should be a basic introduction to your website. It should be more visual than informational giving the visitor a general vibe of your business with some small bits of easy-to-digest info that they might be looking for immediately. Things like when is your shop open, what kind of food do you serve, what style of shoes do you sell, and how can we find you. And it should have multiple paths to navigate the visitor deeper into the site.


This is where you can get more detailed about the business. Anyone who clicks on the About page is interested to know who they might be giving their business to. This is a good place to give a short history of your business, why you are different from your competition, biographies on the team that runs the business, and details about your hours of operation and location.


Here is where you get into the details of what you’re selling. Depending on how many things your offering, it’s usually a good idea to break it down into categories. Maybe offer a search bar if you have 50 or more products listed. For some businesses this will be an ecommerce page where the visitor can purchase your product or service directly from your website.


A picture speaks a thousand words so it’s a good idea to have visual representations of what you’re selling. A restaurant can show images of the food and atmosphere. A landscaper can show photos of some of their best work. A salon can feature before and after shots of some of their clients. Whatever you’re showing off, it’s important to use high quality photography. This is a service that 2nd Story offers in addition to creating your website.


Getting testimonials from some of your past clients who you know had a good experience with you can be a great feature on your website. It gives you authenticity and credibility. Keep the reviews brief, list the client’s name and relevant info about them, and add a photo of the client or what you did for them, if possible.


Take some time to think through what are the questions you often get asked and write a brief response to each one. Having this page on your website can save time for visitors who might otherwise want to contact you with their questions. When writing out your answers, make sure to stay positive and friendly in your tone.


This is another opportunity to give you some credibility. Offering information that is useful to your targeted customer on a regular basis gives them a sense of security and familiarity. Offering a way to subscribe to your blog will keep visitors up to date and consistently remind them about your business and why they need you.


Showing all the ways the visitor can get in touch with you in one place is convenient. This can include phone number, email address, physical mailing address, physical location, or a contact form. This is often where links to social media accounts are listed. You never know what someone’s preferred method of communication might be.

Hopefully that helps you think through your website in a more organized way. Take some time to consider how you can utilize each page for your business. And 2nd Story is happy to help! We offer web design services with a free consultation. So contact us to take your website to the next level!



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