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Ecommerce Product Shots

'Tis the season for online shopping! So is your business visually prepared? Your product photography can have a huge impact on your ecommerce success. So here's 5 tips for how to present your products online.

High Quality

A blurry or pixelated image not only makes you look unprofessional, but doesn't let your customer see the details of your product. So it's important to make sure your photos are of the best quality and large enough to take a closer look.

Simple Background

Lifestyle photos are great for getting your customer's attention and bringing them to your online store. But once they are there to look at a specific product, it's time to strip away all the extra pizzaz and let them see the product clearly.

Multiple Angles

Depending on the complexity of your product, it may be necessary to have multiple views to show it in its entirety. For example, don't just show the outside of a closed handbag, open it up and show the interior as well so the customer has a complete understanding of its appearance and function.


If you're selling apparel or accessories, it can help to have photos of the products by themselves and also on a model. This gives customer an understanding of the size of the product and how it's meant to fit. Bonus tip: use models who look like your target customer.


If you have several similar products in your online store, it helps to photograph them all with the same background, from the same angles and cropped similarly. This will make your ecommerce page look more professional as a whole and help your customer compare your products more easily.

2nd Story has helped many businesses increase their online sales by providing professional, high-quality product shots. If your business is in need of some new product photography, we'd love to work with you! Contact us to schedule a free initial consultation and let's take your ecommerce to the next level!



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