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5 Photography Trends Coming in 2021

Last week we told you about some trending graphic design styles coming up this year.

Today we bring you 5 trending photography styles that can be effective in marketing your business through imagery in ad campaigns, websites and social media.

1. Authenticity

No more excessive photoshopping! We want to see real models we can relate to! Natural skin with minimal makeup and still looking fabulous.

2. Neon Lights

Brightly lit, colorful streets at night have everyone feeling nostalgic for their height of popularity in the 80s and 90s.

3. Silhouettes

Create some shapes with backlighting. Whether it’s in front of a light or a beautiful sunset, silhouettes can bring some tranquility and peaceful vibes.

4. Natural Light

Let the sun be your light source. It’s free. With everyone spending so much time indoors in 2020 we are in need of some outdoor photography for everything from lifestyle to product shots.

5. Shallow Depth of Field

Sometimes it helps to show your audience exactly what it is you want them to focus on by making it the only thing in focus.

Whether you’re shooting photos yourself or hiring a photographer, these are some ideas to consider when planning your next photoshoot. 2nd Story would love to help you plan and create some powerful imagery to market your business. Contact us and let’s get to work!



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