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4 Years of Success

Having just celebrated 2nd Story’s 4th Birthday, we thought it would be a good time to share with you a little of our story and 4 reasons this business has been successful for 4 years.

1 Creative Cat with a Dream

2nd Story’s founder, Cat Landrum worked in marketing for 10 years and noticed that quality work only seemed to be accessible to large corporate businesses, while small businesses were stuck with inexperienced freelancers or cheap out-of-the-box design work. So she set out to give small businesses an opportunity to brand and market themselves on the next level.

2 Story Building

It was on the 2nd Story of an old New Orleans house that the business came to be. Setting up work stations and a mini photo studio in the small apartment with a great view. Being resourceful and learning to work with what you got can get you further than you think.

3 Years of Freelancing

The official launch of 2nd Story was preceded by 3 years of freelancing in graphic design and photography, which built a foundation of business and experience. Many of those freelance clients are now clients of 2nd Story and have been with us through the growth of this business.

4 Values to Build From

2nd Story has built it’s business on 4 main values:

  • Quality Work that holds up next to that of large marketing agencies

  • Personal Interaction with clients for clear communication

  • Customized Solutions specific to each project

  • Ongoing Relationships that show how much each customer is valued

The past four years have been an exciting time of learning, growing, taking risks, making mistakes, trying new things and breaking out of comfort zone walls. And it's been worth every moment. When it comes down to it, 2nd Story has been successful because of all of you who have supported us. And we are so grateful! Thank you!



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