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Pink Bug Design Studio and 2nd Story Creative are teaming up for October to raise awareness for breast cancer and to honor your Pink Story.  We would love for you to join us. Here’s how you can make an impact.

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Post your story of survival, a loved ones story or nominate someone to share their story.

Post some inspiration, encouragement or a pink pic just for fun, whatever tells your pink story,
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Together, we can impact breast cancer. Nearly 270,000 people will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year. That could be your mother, sister, daughter, your wife, or even you.
Whether it's fueling breast cancer research or providing patients with rides to treatment and personal assistance understanding their diagnosis, your donation to the American Cancer Society makes a real difference in the fight against breast cancer. 

Be a part of the pink story, donate today!


Hollie’s Pink Story

Sept 30th 2019 my walls came tumbling down when I was diagnosed with DCIS High Grade & IDC Stage 1A. Everything changed in an instance. 

I want my Pink Story to honor my Mother. She lost her 11 year battle to Breast Cancer in 1995, she’s loved and missed dearly. Since breast cancer runs in our family I have been faithful in my yearly check ups and mammograms. As a result of being faithful we were able to find the cancer at a very early stage. Because of early detection my treatment was shorter and less intense than it could have been.I didn't have to endure chemo only surgeries and radiation. I’m very blessed and thankful because of early detection.

I encourage everyone to take care of yourselves! Be faithful in your monthly self checks, yearly checkup and mammograms. I had no symptoms whatsoever, the cancer would have gone undetected had I not been faithful and proactive.

To all that are walking the path that I have walked I want to tell you…

Be ENCOURAGED! You can walk this road, you are not alone in your battle. Take it one step at a time. Allowed your Family and Friends to walk your road with you.
Having their support and God’s strength I was able to face every situation through the year long battle. Now approaching my one year cancerversary I have come out on the other end of this year STRONGER physically, mentally and spiritually than I have ever been before.

Thankful, Hopeful and Blessed! ~ Hollie Rouquette

Jo Petty's Pink Story

We all have a story...My story may be different than others however I do feel very impressed to tell you about it.

I personally know of a few beautiful ladies that walked the same journey as I have. However that’s not where I’ll start. I would like to start by honoring all these beautiful ladies we all knew and  on a very personal level that walked in the path of devastation, fear, uncertainty, pain, many tears and extraordinary faith.

One very dear friend to myself is Faye Lutz, she left this world way too soon as she left behind a VERY LARGE handprint of kindness, laughter, faith until the very end of her walk on this earth. I remain honored to have been with her at the end ... It was a gift. She gave her tremendous courage to many women so they could be inspired that they too could make a difference no matter what their outcome on earth...
She knew her ultimate destiny as sad as it was for her to leave behind her beautiful family whom she was the heart and soul of.

Faye was an amazing friend that loved her as she always showed her love for them. The note in the mail that came for no reason. The surprise gifts, and a bouquet of flowers just because. Quietly a display by hundreds of us women wore leopard print the day of her funeral. This happened without even communicating a word to each other. I knew it was our way to honor a very class Lady we all miss to this day.

As for myself, as I said before my story is very different and pales in comparison to the journey those with cancer had to go through.

As a very young 29 yrs old woman I was diagnosed with a severe case of fibrocystic breast disease that was not treatable for me due to my medical past. It was identified as a result of a hormone I received on a bi-weekly basis in order to carry both of my pregnancies. As a result after 6 months of being very ill, constant fever, extreme inflammation and a mere 93 lbs, I underwent surgery...a double mastectomy.

My children and husband were my main concern. Cecelia was 8 and Andy was 7. ... just little people not truly understanding but observing the long craziness of my life. My heart hurts to this day remembering how they wanted to cuddly as we always did. I would psyched myself up to hold them close to me despite the physical pain I felt.

My husband at that time was devastated. It shook our world. He did not know how to begin to care for me or what to do. Despite all, he did the very best he knew and could. He was a great support and my great friend. 


All of this was followed by reconstructions five months later... then numerous additional surgeries due to complications by a physician's negligence through the use of cocaine as he operated.

The years were very difficult yet I always looked for the silver lining and knew I had to put one foot in front of the other and lean on God so I could raise these 2 beautiful little people I had been blessed with. I was always aware of not telling them too much to protect them so they would not worry but just be kids. I’ll never know if that was the right thing to do or not....

As time went on I experienced 2 ruptures over the next 20 years. My life was changed forever causing my Immune system to have its issues and working hard to fix this to this day. With all this said I am and always have been grateful for my opportunity to be alive.

So I’ll leave you with this, I’m not sure who needs to hear this story as I have made myself transparent which is not my nature in this area. Possibly Our Great God knows someone needed these words and to know you are not alone.

To my sister of the world you are honored. You are beautiful!


Aly’s Pink Story

It was not a matter of IF, but it was a matter of WHEN. 

I was not surprised by the diagnosis, but I was surprised by how early it reared its ugly head. I did all I could do to prevent it, but you can't beat genetics. 

I was intentional, the medical team was aggressive, and family and friends were overly generous. 

It was a 12 month season of 5 surgeries, chemo with friends by my side, Cancer run with inspiration and support, being chosen to hold the flag at a Saints game, and winning a trip to the Super Bowl 2018. 
I have a bad ass Oncologist, a prayerful surgeon, entertaining nurses, and family that loved me BIG.

If someone needs someone to talk to regarding Breast Cancer , please don't hesitate to reach out.

You are not alone!

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