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this is my

2nd Story

My name is Cat Landrum, and I'm the founder of 2nd Story Creative. I grew up in beautiful yet rural south Mississippi where creativity was essential for entertaining oneself and isolation led to an intense longing to connect with people. I am so grateful to have a job that satisfies both of those passions. 

I started early. As a kid, I would cut and paste my mom’s department store catalogs to design my own layouts. I was the photographer for the high school yearbook, and when personal websites became a thing in the 90s, I jumped headfirst into that scene. I decided to pursue a career in this creative stuff. I spent 4 years at Mississippi State studying fine arts, design, and photography and earned a BFA in graphic design. In my twenties, I started my career working in advertising and media for over a decade. All of this was incredibly valuable experience and led me to develop a broad spectrum of skills that have become essential in what I do. 

However, I had a desire for interaction that was not being met. Working as an art director in the back corner of an ad agency, I never got to know much about the people and businesses I was designing for. I only saw the client through the lens of a two-sentence change order issued by the project manager. This made me realize the importance of personal communication, and it motivated me to start 2nd Story Creative.

After spending years observing the ins and outs of marketing agencies, developing my artistic and business skills, and networking with other entrepreneurs, I decided it was time for something new, not just a new chapter in life, a new story. With some encouragement and guidance, I got the guts to step out on my own. From my 2nd Story apartment, I started a creative marketing business that focuses on breaking innovative boundaries while nurturing personal relationships with its clients. And it has been so rewarding to see the results!

So that is my story. Now I would like to know yours. Let’s talk!

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